Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Holidays

WOW, can you believe that Christmas is here and gone.... I thought that the months leading up to the holidays went fast, but this was a real whiz bang year...:)
 We had so much fun at the oldest daughters on Christmas Eve, playing games, eating and just visiting. The drive home was a little hairy but all in all it was good. We had an easy day Christmas Day, doing nothing. Then Christmas on Sunday with the youngest daughter. However the cat still thinks that its necessary to sleep under the Christmas she is a present or like we can't see her...Not sure which?

After my husband having a 6 hour back surgery on Dec. 8th, things here have been to say the least crazy. I started being a consultant for Scentsy early in December....and love it.

Hopefully things will wind down a little now that the holidays are almost past.
Check out the huge sale we are having in the store. (If you dont want to enlarge the image for the code to get your 50% off everything) The code is "xmas-sale" and its good through January 15th. You can use it as often as you like until that date. Happy Holidays to you all!!

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